We’ve heard your user stories, and we understand your pain points, which is why we’re serious about group therapy for people of product. Our hope to have production finalized on 3 or 4 test episodes published here for your feedback by late-December 2020 with a full launch by early January 2021.

Episodes on the following topics are either being recorded or are in the post-production pipeline:

  • Group Therapy for Product Managers? Are you crazy?
  • Feature Prioritization? It’s a Zoo Out There!
  • Failure. Something to fear or celebrate?
  • How do you tell someone their baby is ugly?

The idea is to post them here for direct download to get validated learning from people of product. From there, we’ll make changes based on your feedback, and boom, we publish to iTunes, Google, and elsewhere (btw, where do you prefer?)

Want a reminder of when we do post? Follow us on Twitter @pmgrouptherapy.

Want to offer comments, feedback, questions, and voice concerns? Then just start following us on Twitter @pmgrouptherapy.


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